Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Typically, it takes 1-5 days to deliver a job. Though you will often be able to see images throughout the shoot if needed, to help clarify the vision.

*Same day turnaround can be arranged depending on the job urgency and project details.

1. Photo shoot
2. Download images
3. Make selects
4. Process selected images
5. Review
6. Retouch
7. Final review
8. Share images
9. Back up the job on two external hard drives
*Each goes to a separate location for safe keeping.

Images are also posted on this website under “Client Galleries.” In this case, you will still receive an email link but it will link to the gallery. Please share the link with friends and family.

Commercial Clients will be provided a download link of the finalized images.

Yes, I have digital photos archived on hard drives from 2006.
Even have the film negatives prior to 2008.  If you have the date of the shoot that is always helpful when retrieving the images.

Yes! Most of my images are retouched. However, clients are asked prior to the editing process if they feel comfortable with their photos being retouched.

My philosophy is to brighten underneath the eyes & smooth the wrinkles. I don’t remove all the blemishes, only soften them. A little nip and tuck never hurts!

These are only suggestions if you need guidance.  Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.


White, Black, Brown, Reds Pinks
Jewel tones compliment most skin tones.
Solid colors work best in most cases.

Skip loud, busy patterns & anything matching your skin tone.
No to Green (most cases).

MEN – Jacket with a crisp collared shirt.
Sometimes a tie for different look.

WOMEN – Nice blouse or dress.
*Sweaters are often not flattering
but can photograph with and without

Quick Tips

Standing – Think tall – it raises your shoulders
Bend arms or crossed
Hands can be in pockets, or clasped in front
Weight shift, bend leg

Sitting – Think tall
Feet can rest on base of stool or ground
Crossed legs for weight shift
Hands and elbows rested on legs
Bring hand(s) close to your face

*Be as comfortable as possible.
*Trust us to find the shots/angles that make you look best.

Every photo session begins with a test shot to see how to adjust the lighting. Everyone refracts to light differently. The hair light almost always will need to be adjusted. Relax as if you are talking to me at a cocktail party. We photograph you facing to the left, right, and center including most of the body to discover your best sides. Don’t worry – the images get cropped in.

Yes, video can be arranged in advance.

Yes, drone footage can also be arranged in advance.

Yes…on a case-by-case basis it can be arranged.

Yes, I often travel out of state for shoots. Frequently to New York or where there is a good trout stream for fishing!

Yes, I have a list of preferred photographers that I work with frequently.

We can bring a desktop to the event and set it up at the event location. My assistant can process photos while I shoot the event. We can make quick selects to process then get them online as it is happening.

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